Improve Your Motorcycle Skills

Motorcycle riding skills are perishable; they will weaken when not practiced, so a good rider never stops training. Beginners can learn the basics of maneuvering a motorcycle in our Basic RiderCourse, but self-aware riders know there is always more to gain in terms of precision, control, and safety through rider training. If you want to know how to be a better skilled, more confident motorcycle rider, you’re not alone. We provide courses with a variety of challenges to meet the needs of riders like yourself. TEAM Arizona specializes in providing all aspects of motorcycle rider skill training because there are thousands of riders who are looking to follow the path from beginner skills to precision-riding experts.

How can you improve your motorcycle riding skills? Practice, training, and rider courses that provide the right level of challenge for every level of ability. No matter where you are in your motorcycling journey, we have a course for you!

Practice & Master the Four Pillars of Motorcycling

The four pillars of motorcycling are braking, cornering, hazard avoidance, and low-speed maneuvering. The better you get at these facets to motorcycling, the better a motorcycle rider you will be. If you are new to motorcycle riding, the Basic Rider Course will guide you through learning the essentials.

● Braking

● Braking is the ability to safely come to a stop without losing control of your vehicle. Whether you are easily reaching your destination and need to park or are facing a danger and need to stop on a dime, safe braking will prevent you from suffering injury or worse.

● Cornering

● Cornering is the ability to take curves at real world posted road speed without experiencing tremendous fear or an out of control vehicle. Being able to precisely place your bike anywhere in a corner when you want and how you want is a major key to being a safer motorcyclist. Learning how to corner safely starts in our Basic RiderCourse, and we refine cornering techniques in our follow up courses.

● Hazard Avoidance

● Hazard avoidance techniques will keep you safe on the road. You will learn how to avoid both stationary hazards and survive if a vehicle driver moves dangerously near you. Most importantly, you learn strategies that will allow you to respond safely to a situation BEFORE it becomes an emergency.

● Low-Speed Maneuvering

● Being able to maneuver your motorcycle or scooter at low speeds is essential as you will find yourself using these skills continuously and on every single ride you take. When riders are unable to control their vehicle at low speed, they experience tremendous discomfort and a lack of confidence. With our proven low speed techniques that use a combination of balance, momentum, and vision placement, we can help you master any bike of any size at low speeds.

Continue to Polish & Practice Basic Riding Skills

Confidence on the road is essential. Once you become a capable beginner rider, the next step is to build confidence in your ability to maneuver in a variety of real-world situations at various speeds on YOUR motorcycle on OUR training range. Our Confident Rider Course will give you the necessary exercises and challenges necessary to polish your existing riding skills. While it isn’t necessary to take the Confident RiderCourse (CRT) before the Advanced Riding Techniques (ART) course, our participants find the CRC beneficial to help them establish a baseline of motorcycling competence before advancing further.

Join Other Advanced Motorcycle Riders

Expand your street-riding strategies and improve your general riding skills with our more advanced riding exercises. We will turn our range into a safe place to practice more dynamic skills like trail braking, body positioning for high-speed corners, and swerving to avoid obstacles. Regardless of the type of motorcycle you own, you will leave the course better prepared to tackle high speed corners with ease.

Gain Total Control and Master Your Motorcycle Skills

The Total Control Clinics are designed to help you master your riding skills and overcome fear to improve both concentration and riding precision. Motorcyclists who seek to be safer on the road and have mastery of their motorcycle can benefit from both the Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic Levels 1 and 2. This is also good practice for track riders looking to improve performance on the track.

Join TEAM Arizona and Improve Your Motorcycle Riding Skills & Safety TEAM

Arizona has trained more than 150,000 motorcycle riders since opening our series of motorcycle riding precision courses. You will train with experienced RiderCoaches and have access to several training locations to ensure your training is never contingent on just one setting or challenge. If you are ready to learn how to be a better motorcycle rider, we can help you unlock that potential with training, practice, and professional coaching. Contact us today to explore your options and get started at the right course level for your skills.

To attend any of the courses below, you must have your own motorcycle or scooter, a current motorcycle endorsement, valid insurance and registration.

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Private Instruction

Each of our courses listed above can be offered as 1 on 1 Private Instruction. The cost and schedules available vary by course type and location. Some restrictions may apply. To schedule private instruction call 480-418-1045.


Join TEAM AZ, and improve your motorcycle riding skills. Click here to see all of our courses.

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